Back to orbit: SpaceX plans fourth launch of Starship 5

SpaceX is preparing for the fourth launch of its Starship rocket on June 5, with the main goal of testing a reusable second-stage heat shield to ensure safe re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere.

This was reported by TechCrunch.

During the test, new ceramic tiles will be tested to protect the rocket from extreme temperatures during re-entry. Vulnerability of the system as a whole remains a significant challenge, as damage to a single tile can spell disaster.

SpaceX is also working to create new manufacturing facilities for large-scale production of these tiles. The success of this launch will bring the company closer to reusing rocket stages, which will significantly reduce the cost of space transportation.

Past Starship test launches have failed, but each of them has brought valuable data to improve the technology. If this test is successful, Starship will be able to return to Earth with a controlled surge in the ocean. The Super Heavy accelerator is also planned to return. SpaceX continues to work closely with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to obtain the necessary licenses for commercial launch.

This will significantly reduce the cost of space missions and increase the efficiency of delivering cargo and crews to Earth orbit and beyond. If successful, this will be an important step towards realizing SpaceX’s ambitious plans for space exploration, including potential missions to Mars.

Source speka
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