Bayraktar Kizilelma with a Ukrainian-made engine caused a sensation at the exhibition

Baykar Tech brought the Bayraktar Kizilelma drone with a Ukrainian-made jet engine to the technology festival in Samsun. The official presentation of the new product took place on August 30. Anadolu journalists were the first to report this.

The technical director of Baykar Tech called the BLPA ‘the future of military aviation’. According to Selchuk Bayraktar, the jet aircraft is capable of aggressive maneuvers. The company used AI technologies for the first time in the Red Apple drone. The top manager emphasized that the cost of UAV production will not be high.

From the message published on the Baykar Tech Twitter account, it follows that the company’s engineers are currently busy conducting research on stealth technologies. In the future, Bayraktar Kizilelma will be able to strike ground targets with cruise missiles even before it is detected. In this way, UAVs can be used to suppress air defense systems.

Thanks to the Ukrainian-made jet propulsion system, the newest drone can fly at an altitude of up to 12 km at a speed of over 800 km/h. It is able to take on board about 1.5 tons of payload.

A jet drone caused a real sensation at a technology festival. Its operation will begin next year.

Source prostomob
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