Belarus helps Russia with weapons: hundreds of sights for armored vehicles

The Belarusian military-industrial complex actively produces sights for Russian armored vehicles, which are then used in the war. This was reported by BelPol.


The Minsk-based company Peleng, known for its specialization in the development and production of optical devices, has received an order for hundreds of sights for Russian military vehicles. BelPol reports that the order includes 700 sights for T-72 and T-90 tanks, 500 for armored personnel carriers (APCs), 100 for Terminator combat vehicles, and 70 for Chrysanthemum anti-tank systems.

The high demand for these devices from Russia has led to increased production capacity and expanded cooperation with other Belarusian enterprises, such as Rukhservomotor and the Belarusian Optical and Mechanical Association (BelOMO).

After the start of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Peleng significantly increased its production volumes by signing hundreds of new contracts. In addition to the main sights, the company produces Sosna-U multichannel sights for gunners, panoramic sights for commanders, and Essa thermal imaging sights.

The production of the sights is supported by cooperation with Chinese companies that supply the necessary mechanical and optical components. Financial transactions are conducted through the Belarusian VTB Bank Belarus, and according to the investigation, the company’s accounts in China contain millions of yuan. The final recipient of these products is the Russian Uralvagonzavod.

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