Biden extends ban on Russian ships entering US ports for another year

US President Joe Biden has extended the ban on Russian-linked vessels entering US ports for another year. This was reported on the White House website.

“I am extending for one year the national emergency to regulate the docking and movement of Russian-affiliated vessels into United States ports as set forth in Proclamation 10371,” Biden said in a statement.

The White House website emphasizes that the policies and actions of the Russian government to continue its deliberate, unwarranted, unprovoked, and brutal war against Ukraine continue to constitute an emergency because of the violation or threatened violation of international relations of the United States.

In April 2022, the United States banned Russian-linked vessels from entering its ports, following a similar move by the EU. This means that no ship flying the Russian flag or owned by Russian citizens or companies can dock in American ports or on the coast. In April 2023, Biden extended the ban for another year.

Bangladesh has also banned 69 Russian vessels from entering its ports in accordance with EU and US sanctions.

Since April 2023, access to Bulgarian sea and river ports has been prohibited for all vessels with a certificate from the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, regardless of the flag they fly.

Source liga
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