British intelligence: Ukrainian air defense forces intercept 85% of Shahed-136 drones

British intelligence officers have recorded an increase in the effectiveness of the interception of Shahed-136, which are used by the occupiers to strike infrastructure objects. Ukrainian air defense forces shoot down Iranian kamikaze UAVs more and more often. This follows from the review of the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain dated 24.10.2022.

The document emphasizes that the Russians are trying to compensate for the lack of missile weapons with the help of drones supplied by Iran. Kamikaze drones are used by the Russian Armed Forces throughout the country. At the moment, the effectiveness of interception of Shahed-136 drones is 85%.

Iranian aircraft are very slow and noisy. They can be heard from afar. Shahed-136 move in space at low altitudes. This makes UAVs easy prey for our air defense forces. As modern equipment is supplied to official Kyiv, the effectiveness of Ukraine’s air defense is increasing. In this regard, it is increasingly difficult for Iranian drones to break through the echeloned air defense system.

The review also indicates that the Russian army is busy preparing defense-in-depth behind the front line. The troops of the Russian Federation are actively entrenching themselves in order to deter the rapid counteroffensive of Ukrainian forces.

Source prostomob
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