Briton creates an unusual motorcycle that can go in any direction (video)

British engineer and YouTube blogger James Bruton has developed an unusual electric motorcycle called the Screw Bike. This self-balancing device can move forward, backward, sideways and even rotate in place.

The secret of the technique lies in the use of four omnidirectional Mecanum wheels, also known as Elon wheels or Swedish wheels. Unlike conventional wheels, Mecanum wheels consist of many rollers arranged at an angle. By combining the rotation of the wheel with the rotation of the rollers, you can make the machine move in any direction, including diagonally.

Bruton made the 360 mm diameter wheels on a 3D printer, as there were no suitable options on the market. The wheels are mounted across the frame and are driven by electric motors using toothed belts.

The Screw Bike is controlled by a segway-like steering wheel. Tilting the steering wheel controls the direction, while the throttle lever allows you to drive forward. A separate switch engages reverse, and another joystick is responsible for rotating in place.

According to Bruton, the bike is surprisingly easy to ride. He successfully tested it first indoors and then in the parking lot.

Despite the fact that the Screw Bike is unlikely to become a mass vehicle due to its lack of suspension and low speed, it demonstrates impressive engineering capabilities and has a very fun look.

Bruton has opened up free access to the blueprints and control code for the bike, so anyone can try to build their own Vinto bike.

Source igate

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