Bus with 20 passengers drowned in a river in St. Petersburg, there are dead (video)

On May 10, a bus carrying about 20 passengers fell into the Moika River in St. Petersburg, Russia. According to the latest data, 6 people were killed.

It is worth noting that this event occurred against the backdrop of a significant deterioration in weather conditions. According to eyewitnesses, the bus crashed into two cars on the embankment, broke through the fence, fell into the water and completely submerged.

Divers and an ambulance immediately arrived at the scene of the accident. Water is being pumped out of the car, and people are being pulled out of the windows.

Initially, local authorities said that one person was killed, and that eight passengers were rescued from the bus and are being treated.

In addition, it is stated that law enforcement officers detained the driver of the vehicle and opened a case against him.

According to the Fontanka newspaper, 6 people have already been killed in the bus accident.

Russians frightened by “coffins” in the lake

Recently, there was also information that residents of the Russian city of Saransk were frightened by “coffins” that washed up on the shore of a local lake.

Local authorities began to assure people that there was no reason to panic.

The incident occurred on Lesnoe Lake, where locals discovered two wooden boxes believed to be coffins because of their shape and appearance.

These “coffins” were found in the waters near the shore.

The Russian police examined the findings and stated that they were empty and did not pose any danger. After that, they were disposed of, and the investigation is considered complete.

Source news.online
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