China banned the supply of powerful processors for military electronics to Russia

The Chinese authorities have decided to reserve Loongson chips for their army, but for now Russians can even buy them through AliExpress.

The Chinese government has banned the supply of Chinese Loongson processors used in military technology to Russia and other countries. The Russian publication ‘Kommersant’ writes about this, referring to its own sources.

A representative of the electronics market explained that Loongson processors are built on the Chinese-invented LoongArch architecture and are used in China’s military-industrial complex, like all the best chips. In this regard, the authorities of the People’s Republic of China decided to block access to this technology to other countries.

A source close to the Ministry of Digital Affairs of the Russian Federation added that some Russian electronics manufacturers have already tested Loongson processors, but now they will not be able to buy them. They hoped to switch to these chips in connection with the case of blocking the so-called ‘parallel import’ — the supply of products through third countries without the permission of the rights holders. Under such a schedule, Loongson could theoretically replace advanced processors from the largest manufacturers Intel and AMD, which have officially stopped sales in the Russian Federation. One of the electronics company’s employees said that during the tests, Loongson showed reliable operation and high performance, and therefore ‘is capable of competing with Intel.’

Maksym Koposov, director of the development company ‘Promobit’, believes that Russian enterprises could later use Loongson chips en masse if it were not for China’s ban. However, the restrictions will not cause much damage to Russia, since only a few manufacturers focused on this technology. In addition, laptops and motherboards with Loongson processors can be bought on AliExpress.

Vitaly Mankevich, a representative of the Russian-Asian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RASPP), noted that Russia has not yet received an official announcement about the ban on the supply of Loongson, although China tries not to advertise cooperation with the Russians. ‘But even in a negative scenario, RASPP has many ways of purchasing similar goods, including through third, smaller companies,’ he said.

Earlier, the GUR of Ukraine found out that foreign companies help guide Russian missiles by supplying chips with the help of GLONASS satellite navigation. Iskanders, Calibers, Daggers, Kh-101, Kh-555, Kh-38, Kh-59MK, and Kh-31 work thanks to components produced by Western companies.

In November, the US blocked the supply channels of ‘gray’ chips to Russia with the help of new sanctions. The Ministry of Finance revealed intermediary companies that helped Russians obtain electronics for military purposes and earn money by selling their products abroad.

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