Chinese researchers plan to drill a giant glacial lake in Antarctica

A Chinese scientific expedition is preparing to drill a huge ice lake in Antarctica. This ambitious project can help reveal the secrets of the continent’s unique ecosystem and the possibility of the existence of various life forms that have been able to adapt to extreme conditions. This was reported by Xinhua.

We are talking about Lake Qilin. It was discovered in 2022 by researchers from China. It is located at a depth of 3600 meters under the ice sheet of the Princess Elizabeth Land in the east of Antarctica and covers an area of 370 square meters. km. It is assumed that it was isolated from the outside world about 3 million years ago.

In addition to biological discoveries, scientists expect to obtain new data on the past of our planet. Studying the history of the lake and its interaction with the ice sheet can provide valuable information about climate change and the evolution of the Antarctic landscape.

However, entering such a fragile environment is fraught with a number of challenges. The Chinese Institute of Polar Research is still finalizing technologies that will ensure clean drilling, safe and efficient sample collection, and prevent pollution. Because of this, the exact date of the mission’s start has not yet been announced.

Source speka
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