Cyber squads of retired Putin supporters threaten to “put down” the US banking system (video)

The pensioners threaten that their squad can take down the entire US banking system in 1 minute, and if someone disobeys, they will spam them with postcards on WhatsApp.

“Putin’s heavy artillery” – Russian pensioners recorded another video. This time, they have self-organized into cyber squads and are threatening all hacker communities in the world. The video was posted online.

In the frame, old ladies in hacker costumes lined up in front of the camera and began to threaten the world.

“Putin’s cyber units and this is an official appeal to all the world’s hacker syndicates. Especially to the Pindos (American – ed.). Don’t even try to interfere in the Russian presidential election. Otherwise, we’ll make it hard for you, and your moms will cry. And this is not a fairy tale,” said representatives of Putin’s cyber troops.

They noted that their team could take down the entire US banking system in 1 minute. And Petrivna Petrovna will quickly “fix” everything in case of outside interference.

“We are for fair elections. If someone disobeys, we will spam you on WhatsApp with postcards,” the pensioners threaten.

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