Frame AI glasses for $350: a new level of ambition that Google Glass could not even imagine

A fusion of augmented reality and generative artificial intelligence: Brilliant Labs has introduced Frame smart glasses.

Frame contains a sophisticated digital assistant named Noa. This multimodal AI wonder combines different AI models, including OpenAI and Whisper AI, to provide “seamless interaction and immersive experiences.” By simply looking at an object and issuing a command, the user can access a wealth of information, from analyzing the nutritional properties of raspberries to translating speech in real time.

Frame’s capabilities go beyond just searching for information. Thanks to Perplexity AI, it can search for information on the Internet and even indicate prices for potential purchases. Thanks to Stable Diffusion technology, it can generate images on the fly.

According to VentureBeat, Noa is not just a static assistant, but a dynamic entity that evolves over time. By analyzing user interaction, Noa adapts and learns, gradually acquiring a unique personality that suits each user.

Available for pre-order for $350, Frame offers “a glimpse into the future of artificial intelligence wearables.” The first batch will be released on April 15.

Source msn
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