French Thales, whose electronics were found in Russian armored vehicles, will still leave Russia

The French company Thales, which specializes in the manufacture of chips for the military, aerospace and maritime industries, promises to stop working in the Russian Federation. This is stated in an article in Le Parisien.

In addition to military products, the company provided security services to major Russian banks and, in particular, Russia’s Sberbank, which is under EU sanctions.

Our banking activities are sold as a result of the relevant decision. The group will announce information about the cessation of activities in Russia,” – Thales told the French newspaper. According to sources, the concern should also stop the plant for the production of bank cards.

The statement of the industrial giant about leaving the Russian market coincided with the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to Kyiv.

It will be recalled that Thales came under a flurry of criticism after in April 2022 volunteers discovered the company’s equipment in Russian military equipment – the T72B3 tank and the Bakhcha BMD-4.

The analysis shows that not very complicated schemes (even one intermediary is enough) allow companies from the list of sanctions to work calmly,” – commented financial and banking expert Oleksandr Dubilet in his Telegram channel.

After that, Dubilet initiated the project “Total Isolation of Russia”, in which a group of international lawyers appealed to European law enforcement agencies to punish Thales and her “daughter”, Sofradir, for violating European sanctions.

In addition, activists complained to the Council of the EU and law enforcement agencies about the activities of other European concerns to open criminal cases on the basis of statements.

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