Integration of Western weapons: Ukrainian Su-25 can now carry Hammer bombs

The Air Force of Ukraine has adapted Su-25 attack aircraft to use French AASM HAMMER precision-guided bombs.

The aviation weapons that France is providing as part of its military aid to Ukraine are constantly being used at the front against the occupiers.

“Our Su-25 aircraft are also being modernized, and now they can use bombs that have a jet engine. They are called HAMMER, and we are using them very successfully,” said Serhiy Holubtsov, chief of aviation of the Ukrainian Air Force command, to Donbas. Realities”.

AASM-250 Hammer

He added that at the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the army had small stocks of unguided aircraft weapons for Su-25 attack aircraft. However, in the first year of active hostilities alone, the warehouses were exhausted.

Later, the United States provided Ukraine with Zuni unguided air-to-ground missiles, which were available in stock, but these stocks were quickly depleted. Resumption of production of these missiles is inexpedient because the West has switched to high-precision weapons.

Therefore, in order for the attack aircraft to effectively use Su-25s, Ukrainian specialists adapted them to use French AASM HAMMER bombs. By the way, future Ukrainian F-16s will also be equipped with HAMMER bombs.

Source gagadget
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