It seems that the Russian Federation lost a rare MiG-31 with “Kinzhal” in the occupied Crimea, the pilot died

A number of factors indicate that the Russian Federation lost a rather rare carrier of the ‘Dagger’ at the Belbek air base.

After a disaster occurred on October 1 at an air base of the Russian Federation with a plane that rolled over the edge of the runway and fell off a cliff, the type of plane and some extremely interesting details became known.

According to reports on Russian unofficial profile resources, this aircraft was a MiG-31 – a heavy supersonic interceptor. Before that, there was also information about the placement of aircraft of this type in the occupied Crimea from the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

There is also information that the plane did not land, but, as already suspected, was taking off. Due to a malfunction of the plane, the pilots were unable to make it, and the fully loaded plane with weapons was lost, which explains the rather powerful explosion and large fire.

It is noted that of the two crew members, only the navigator, who was the first to leave the emergency vehicle according to the scheme, was able to eject, there was not enough time for the pilot to eject.

An important detail is also noted, that ‘a first-class pilot died with a large raid from Khotylovo.’ This hook makes it possible to identify the type of aircraft even more precisely. Because in 2021, information appeared that the MiG-31K with Kinzhal missiles from the 790th Fighter Aviation Regiment is located at the Khotylovo air base in the Tver region. Then in the Russian Federation they were giggling in their usual manner, saying that now NATO will be in a panic.

Thus, with the maximum degree of probability, it is possible to assume that on October 1, the Russian Federation lost precisely the MiG-31K, which could well have carried the ‘Dagger’. Taking into account the fact that the number of MiG-31K in the ‘VKS’ of the Russian Federation is measured, most likely, in several tens, as well as the number of hypersonic missiles, this loss is quite painful.

Note that if the information is true, this is the third MiG-31 loss in the Russian Federation since the beginning of the year. In particular, on April 8, a MiG-31 crashed in the Leningrad Region, and on January 29, by the way, during takeoff, another MiG-31 rolled off the runway and collapsed in the Novgorod Region.

Source defence-ua
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