Kyivstar gets the green light to test 5G in Ukraine

Ukrainian mobile operator Kyivstar has received permission to start testing equipment for the implementation of 5G technology.

The decision was made by the National Commission for the Regulation of Electronic Communications and Radio Frequency Spectrum, as well as Postal Services (NCCS), Interfax-Ukraine reports.

According to the report, the NCCIR considered Kyivstar’s request to test 5G radio technology and approved the testing of base stations for this technology. Taking into account the conditions for avoiding harmful effects on health and safety, the commission authorized the tests.

The NCCC explained that 5G is a new technology that is being actively implemented in other countries and provides users and businesses with higher data speeds, lower latency, and more bandwidth than 4G technology.

It should be noted that Ukraine is the last country in Europe, along with some Balkan countries, that has not yet introduced 5G connectivity. The most popular 5th generation connections are in Germany, France, and the Netherlands with Belgium. In Ukraine, there was only testing in very limited areas in cities with a population of over a million people.

Map of 5G coverage in Europe. Data:
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