Mercedes-Benz became the most valuable automotive brand in the world, Tesla is in second place

Mercedes-Benz has regained its position as the most valuable automotive brand in the world. This was reported by UkrAvtoprom with reference to the Brand Finance report.

The brand value increased by 1% to $59.4 billion. Mercedes-Benz not only retained its premium status but also improved its operational and financial performance.

Tesla was ranked second in the 2024 ranking, with its value decreasing by 12% to $58.3 billion. The third position was retained by the Japanese brand Toyota, whose value this year was estimated at $52.7 billion.

The TOP 10 most valuable automotive brands in 2024 also included: Porsche, BMW, Volkswagen, Honda, Hyundai, Ford, and Audi.

The title of the world’s strongest automotive brand has been retained by Ferrari, a manufacturer of luxury sports cars.

At the same time, Bosch has become the most valuable and strongest automotive components brand this year.

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