NASA astronauts lost a bag with instruments in outer space – it can be seen in orbit with ordinary binoculars

The world’s inhabitants can see the new temporary “satellite” of the Earth with their own eyes. This is a bag of tools that was lost by NASA astronauts.

In November, NASA astronauts Jasmin Moghbeli and Loral O’Hara launched a bag of instruments into space. The incident occurred during scheduled repairs on the outside of the International Space Station (ISS).

Two astronauts went into space for 6 hours and 42 minutes to repair a solar panel support. Jasmine Mogbeli let go of the bag of tools, but did not attach any importance to it. Later, dispatchers noticed her. It is noted that the astronauts did not need the lost instruments during the repair.

The bag will continue to move in orbit for some time, after which it will enter the atmosphere and burn up. According to the calculations, the risk of collision with the ISS is low. The astronauts are in no danger. Nowadays, people in some regions of the world can see the bag with ordinary binoculars.

We note that similar situations have occurred in the past. For example, in 1965, Ed White lost his spare glove during the first-ever spacewalk. In 2006, Piers Sellers dropped a spatula. Two years later, a box of instruments flew into outer space.

Source gagadget
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