New weapon for US Special Forces: MRGG-S rifles impress with accuracy and power

The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) has announced the introduction of the MRGG-S high-precision semi-automatic rifle, based on the AR10 with increased accuracy.

The USSOCOM command has expressed its readiness to spend more than $29 million to purchase a batch of 500 rifles.

The MRGG-S is fired with 6.5 Creedmoor rounds, which have a caliber of 6.5×47. A distinctive feature of this ammunition is its high ballistic coefficient and comparable accuracy to the 260 Rem caliber. The killing range is 1.5 kilometers.

The MRGG-S barrel is removable, with the option of replacing it with a “classic” barrel for 7.62×51 mm caliber. The color of the product is “desert dirt” DDC (Desert Dirt Color). The material of the lower and upper parts is aircraft aluminum.

The upper receiver boasts a mudguard, a receiver and a reflector in the style of AR rifles. Stock type – Magpul PRS Lite Stock, trigger guard – Geissele Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced.

The MRGG-S has ambidextrous controls and a 17.5-inch top bar. The barrel type is CRMOV 20″ with chrome boring, which was manufactured using the cold forging method.

The product length, cutting pitch, and weight without optics are 1:7.5/1.04 m/4 kilograms.

The MRGG-S will be an effective weapon in the hands of US special forces, experts agree.

Source prostomob
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