Repairing a Tesla Model Y after driving in the rain shocked the owner at a cost of more than 800 thousand. hryvnia

Tesla cars cannot be called super-reliable, but most often, all malfunctions that occur during the warranty period are eliminated at the expense of the automaker. However, when this is not the case, many owners of such machines are overwhelmed by the cost of restoring their machines. One such story recently happened in Scotland.

Information about the incident appeared on social media, where the author of the post said that he was offered to pay about 17,374 pounds sterling or more than 800 thousand hryvnias at the current exchange rate to replace the battery in his Tesla. The reason why the power supply failed was driving in bad weather.

The owner of a Model Y claimed that a Tesla service agent refused to include a faulty part of his electric car in the warranty due to a rainy drive.

The problems began when the man and his wife were returning from a dinner at a restaurant in Edinburgh. At that moment, it was raining heavily, and after the car stopped, it was impossible to turn it on. The couple waited for five hours for a Tesla support tow truck, after which the car was delivered to the company’s official dealership.

After checking the electric car, the owners of the car received a phone call and were informed that the battery in their car was damaged due to water ingress, which means that the 8-year battery warranty does not apply and that the repair of the Model Y will cost about 17,500 pounds (a little over 800,000 hryvnias).

Naturally, the car owner was shocked by the news and contacted Tesla’s customer service manager, who said the following:

“The reason is the bad weather in Scotland. It’s not necessarily the owner’s fault, but it’s not Tesla’s fault either to repair the car under warranty.”

It is not known what the next step of the Model Y owner will be, but he is going to seek justice and recover the cost of repairing the car, or prove that Tesla cars are not suitable for use in Scotland.

Source uamotors
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