Russia’s Afalina challenges Ukrainian drones: will the dolphin be able to catch up with Magura and SeaBaby?

The Russian army has enriched the market of maritime drones with the Afalina, which is the Russian response to the Ukrainian Magura V5 and SeaBaby.

According to publicly available information, the new concept boasts the following features:

  • with a maximum range of 500 km;
  • A 200-kilogram warhead;
  • 3.5 meters long;
  • with a maximum speed of 60 km/h;
  • control with a joystick and VR helmet.

If the above data is true, the Afalina is comparable to Ukrainian competitors in terms of its characteristics, being inferior to them in speed, combat power and range.

Experts have expressed concerns about the potential threat posed by the Afalina to Ukrainian ships, especially civilian vessels and ports. A warhead weighing up to 200 kg can cause serious damage to a medium-sized ship.

Experts also warn that Russia could use such drones to attack civilian vessels sailing to Ukrainian ports. However, to counter such threats, Ukraine can use patrol boats armed with machine guns, which should prove effective in fighting drones at a distance of up to one kilometer. In addition, it is necessary to provide patrol boat crews with night vision devices to detect drones in low visibility conditions.

Source prostomob
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