Social platform X extends audio and video calling features to all users and turns into WhatsApp

Social platform X, formerly Twitter, which previously provided audio and video calling only for its premium users, is now making this feature available to all users. X engineer Enrique Barragan and company CEO Linda Yaccarino said that the platform is gradually rolling out these features to those who do not subscribe to X Premium, 9to5mac reports.

X Premium (formerly known as Twitter Blue) is a paid subscription that gives you access to additional features such as post editing, uploading longer videos, and text formatting. Followers also get a verified page mark, a wider reach for their posts, and fewer ads.

Soon, all users will be able to make and receive calls using App X, not just those who pay for it. The feature is integrated into the direct message and works similarly to other applications that support calls, such as WhatsApp. Thanks to the integration with the CallKit iOS API, incoming calls will be displayed on the lock screen like a regular call.

It’s worth noting that this feature caused a lot of controversy when it was announced, as some users were not happy with the idea of receiving calls from strangers. But, as the company assured, users will be able to control who can call them or even disable the call function.

As you can see, Elon Musk is increasingly turning Twitter into a kind of universal platform that can be used to do everything. However, many Twitter users, especially those who have been on the platform for a long time, are very critical of such innovations.

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