The Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive new American drones Felon X and Felon 1.0 with artificial intelligence functions

Feloni Aero, a US-based pioneer in unmanned aerial vehicle technology, has announced the launch of its new line of FelonX and Felon 1.0 armed drones aimed at strengthening Ukraine’s defense capabilities With the recent passage of the US government’s financial assistance bill for Ukraine, Feloni Aero will provide advanced UAVs to strengthen the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Feloni Aero drones offer a revolutionary solution that provides unprecedented accuracy, maneuverability and efficiency in combat operations. Equipped with state-of-the-art weapons, 5.56 weapon system, missiles and advanced surveillance capabilities, these drones will enable Ukrainian forces to effectively solve complex tasks on the battlefield.

“At Feloni Aero, our mission is to provide nations with advanced defense technologies that ensure safety and security in an ever-changing geopolitical landscape,” said Todd Dunphy, CEO of Feloni Aero.

Feloni Aero armed UAVs are designed to meet the diverse needs of military operations and offer configurations that can be customized to meet the requirements of specific missions. From reconnaissance and surveillance to target acquisition and precision strikes, FelonX and Felon 1.0 drones deliver unmatched performance and reliability in the field.

The technology developed by the company is a revolutionary approach to eliminating the threat posed by unauthorized drones in the airspace. Using millimeter-wave technology, these systems provide unprecedented accuracy and efficiency in detecting, tracking and neutralizing enemy drones.

This technology allows us to respond quickly to potential threats, protecting critical infrastructure, public places, and military facilities from drone intrusions. Thanks to its ability to provide real-time situational awareness and take preventive countermeasures, C-UAS technology is becoming an essential defense against unauthorized drone activity.

The Felon 1.0 is equipped with a powerful 5.56mm weapon system that gives operators the ability to engage targets with high accuracy from a safe distance. It is suitable for reconnaissance missions, perimeter security, or counterterrorism operations, and the Felon X drone is capable of carrying a Spike missile that hits enemy targets with high accuracy.

Source building-tech
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