The era of affordable AI: Nvidia announces the first supercomputer for universities

Nvidia and the Georgia Institute of Technology have announced that they have developed the first supercomputer with artificial intelligence for students.

This step is a way to democratize access to supercomputing resources, which are usually reserved for tech giants and startups.

Initially, only Georgia Tech undergraduate students can use the computing cluster, which runs on Nvidia AI software and a “virtual gateway” from Penguin Solutions.

So far, students have used the supercomputer in only one classroom, but Georgia Tech plans to continue to scale up its use. By the spring of 2025, all undergraduate and graduate students will have access to the development.

Recently, OpenAI signed its first agreement with a higher education institution: Arizona State University got full access to ChatGPT Enterprise. The institution plans to use it for courses, training, research, etc.

Source gagadget
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