The Russians began to use home-made kamikaze drones against the Armed Forces

Due to the lack of attack drones, the occupiers began attaching explosives to civilian UAVs in order to turn them into kamikaze drones. Information about this was published on the Facebook account of the BLITZ Unmanned Systems company.

The message emphasizes that the Russians use quadcopters with the FPV (first-person view) function as a basis for the creation of kamikaze drones. The range of such aircraft is about two kilometers. A remote control and a course camera are used to control them.

Two home-made Russian drones were at the disposal of the Armed Forces. They are called ‘Merlin’ and ‘Poseidon’. Comments on the Facebook post suggest that the kamikaze drones were made from Chinese-made iFlight quadcopters. They are equipped with high-capacity batteries that provide a long flight time. It is most likely that the control frequencies of drones are changed by Russian ‘Kulibins’ with the help of special software such as Crossfire and Express LRS.

Source prostomob
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