The UK has created an AI robot that will help save millions on road repairs

Road maintenance is expensive and time-consuming, so the UK has developed an autonomous machine designed to detect and seal surface cracks on highways that could develop into potholes, which can save time and money.

The robotic road maintenance system is based on artificial intelligence, which helps to accurately and autonomously detect and repair potholes and cracks on the roads.

Robotiz3d develops technologies as part of its ARRES autonomous road repair system. ARRES Eye is designed for installation on buses, garbage trucks and maintenance vehicles. As they move around the city, the system looks for signs of road surface problems, determines their severity, and sorts them by priority, and then transmits the results to a central database.

ARRES Prevent combines artificial intelligence-based road inspection technology with an unmanned robotic vehicle that can detect small cracks in surfaces and seal them to prevent potholes from forming due to rain and frost.

The vehicle is equipped with autonomous driving technologies that allow it to move independently on the streets, or it can be controlled by a remote human operator. Repair records are stored for quality control, and real-time performance data can be viewed on the screen at the base.

Source building-tech
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