TikTok will introduce automatic labeling of images and videos created with the help of artificial intelligence

TikTok will start using technology that will help label images and videos created by artificial intelligence and uploaded to the video sharing service, Reuters reports.

TikTok said it will accept a digital watermark that indicates how images were created and edited. The Content Credential technology was developed by Adobe, is open for use by other companies, and has already been adopted by companies such as OpenAI, which is the creator of ChatGPT.
TikTok already labels AI-generated content created using tools inside the app, but the latest step will apply the label to content created outside the service.

For the system to work, both the manufacturer of the AI generative tool used to create the content and the platform that distributes the content must agree to use the industry standard.

For example, if a person uses OpenAI’s Dall-E tool to create an image, OpenAI attaches a watermark to the resulting image. If this labeled image is then uploaded to TikTok, it will be automatically marked as created by artificial intelligence.


Images created by artificial intelligence, or “dipfakes,” have been around for several years. But over the past year, their quality has improved dramatically to the point where some fake videos, images, and audio recordings are difficult to distinguish from the real thing. The tools for making them are now widely available, making it easier to create them.

AI-generated content has already been used in election campaigns around the world. For example, last year, an ad supporting former Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis used artificial intelligence to imitate the voice of former President Donald Trump.

Earlier this year, Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, Meta, TikTok, and Adobe signed an agreement to respond to the proliferation of AI-generated content. It was about developing technologies to identify, label, and control images, video, and audio created by AI before the elections in many countries this year.

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