“Trembita” – Ukrainian volunteers are developing a people’s combat missile capable of hitting targets at a distance of 140 km (video)

A group of Ukrainian volunteers has begun developing a “people’s” combat missile called Trembita. The project is being led by engineers from the volunteer design bureau PARS and volunteers from the NGO Vidsich.

According to the plan, Trembita will be a small cruise missile with a pulsating jet engine. It can be used to destroy objects and to deplete enemy air defense systems. According to the project, the missile will be able to hit targets at a distance of 140 kilometers. A salvo launch of 20 such missiles is expected to overcome enemy air defense and hit targets at a sufficient depth.

“Our simple missile is incomparably cheaper than the shots of enemy anti-aircraft missile systems,” the developers assure.
To create the Trembita missile, it is planned to deploy the production of its individual parts and assemblies in garage workshops throughout Ukraine. This will help protect the project from missile attacks by Russian invaders, who have recently switched from attempts to destroy energy infrastructure to terrorist attacks on residential buildings.

The declared characteristics of the Trembita missile:

  • Current weight: 100 kg;
  • Weight of the warhead: 20 kg;
  • Range of destruction: more than 140 km;
  • Maximum flight altitude: 2000 m
  • Minimum flight altitude: 30 m;
  • Engine: 30 hp.

The rocket engine has no moving parts, is simple to manufacture and runs on gasoline. It will be launched from a pneumatic catapult.

The warhead can have a thermobaric charge and a combined high-explosive charge of 20 kg.

Source Мілітарний
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