Ukraine receives Skynode S universal machine vision system for drones from the United States

Skynode S not only allows you to attack targets, but also navigate without satellite navigation in conditions of total EW interference, it also supports swarm guidance and can be installed on any drone

The American company Auterion has officially announced the successful development of machine vision called Skynode S, which is being supplied to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, where it has proven its real combat effectiveness. Skynode S, as the company notes, is a minicomputer and flight controller based on low-cost technologies and proprietary software.

“The software has already proven itself in combat missions in Ukraine and gives Ukrainian forces modern computer vision to counter and circumvent the loss of GPS and RF guidance functions in electronic warfare. It is the first to offer swarm control, fully autonomous flight, and jamming resistance. It delivers unprecedented accuracy, increasing the probability of success from 20% to 90%,” Auterion officially announced.

The company also notes that it has developed Skynode S together with government and industry partners from the United States, the European Union, and Ukraine. Auterion, headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, USA, has R&D centers in Switzerland and Germany. It is also worth adding that this company specializes in software and hardware solutions for drone automation, not in the development of the drones themselves.

The head of the company, Lorenz Mayer, gave more details to the American publication Breaking Defense. In particular, the fact that the company has facilities not only in the US but also in Ukraine. In addition, he showed the Skynode S itself, which is a ready-made miniature board with a passive cooling system.

At the same time, it is based on an open architecture, can be integrated into any drone, and can be easily upgraded and enhanced by other developers.

Skynode S (фото:Auterion / Breaking Defense)

Lorenz Mayer noted that it took only six, but very intense, months to develop. But the result is the most fully functional and efficient solution that is able to process three-dimensional objects that can be masked, partially covered, in low light conditions, as well as when they move or rotate. And all of this is the main condition for implementing the function of automatic targeting of a kamikaze drone selected by the operator.

What is machine vision, how does it work, and why is it needed? In short, we are actually talking about creating a cheap, miniature and simple homing head for drones that eliminates enemy electronic warfare and dependence on operator skill. That’s why the company’s claim of 90% target hit rate for a drone with Skynode S versus 20% without it, i.e., in the hands of the operator, is quite realistic.

FPV drone with Skynode S (photo by Auterion / Breaking Defense)

But that’s not all, as Auterion said that SkyNode S allows drones to navigate long distances in the absence of satellite navigation. To do this, an algorithm is used to compare the image of the terrain that the drone “sees” with high-resolution satellite maps.

And it should be noted that information about the use of this technology, which is a new generation of DSMAC, by Ukrainian long-range drones was disclosed back in April of this year. This technology, along with automatic detection and targeting, fully explains the effectiveness of Ukrainian long-range drone attacks.

In addition, Auterion announced that they are working on using Skynode S to attack electronic warfare equipment, radars, communication antennas, etc. by analyzing and comparing them with a database of radio signal signatures. And this is an analog of the AGM-88 HARM missile, but in the form of drones that will search for such targets in a certain area. All of this, and even in swarm conditions, is a real technological breakthrough, and now it’s obviously only a matter of scaling up SkyNode S production.

Source defence-ua
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