Ukrainian Armed Forces strike at Russian airbase in North Ossetia, where MiGs were flying to bomb Ukraine

On June 8, for the first time, a drone attack was recorded on Russia’s North Ossetia, where the airport from which the aircraft attacking Ukraine takes off is located.

Main theses:

  • Three Ukrainian drones were shot down in Mozdok.
  • According to preliminary information, the drones arrived “from the Ukrainian side” and were tasked with attacking a military airfield.
  • In the occupied Crimea, it was reported that a crewless boat was destroyed near Streletskaya Bay.
  • The events in Crimea took place in parallel with the attack in North Ossetia, which indicates that these events may be linked.

Russia reports downing of Ukrainian drones over Mozdok

Russia’s so-called “Ministry of Defense” reported that in the morning one unmanned aerial vehicle was destroyed over the territory of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania.

The governor of the region clarified that three unmanned aerial vehicles were shot down by air defense forces in Mozdok.

According to preliminary information from the occupation authorities, the UAVs came “from the Ukrainian side.” Their target was a military airfield.

It is from the Mozdok airfield that MiG-31K and Tu take off and fire on Ukraine.

It is worth noting that North Ossetia is located at a considerable distance from the war zone, with Zaporizhzhia, for example, being separated by about 900 km in a straight line.

Powerful explosions occurred in Crimea

Residents of the occupied Crimea report a new powerful “cotton” that occurred on the night of June 8. The occupying Russian authorities claim that an unmanned boat was allegedly destroyed in the area of Streletskaya Bay in Sevastopol.

According to local residents, loud explosions began to be heard on the occupied peninsula at 01:53.

The occupation so-called “authorities” began to claim that an unmanned boat was allegedly destroyed in the area of Strilska Bay.

The loud noises heard in the area of Streletskaya Bay were our fleet destroying a crewless boat on an outer raid,” said Mikhail Rozvazhayev, the “governor” of Sevastopol.

At 4:06 a.m., local residents reported explosions in Kerch – on the other side of the strait – “in the Temryuk district of Krasnodar Krai.”

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