Ukrainian dream on wheels: impressive Leleka concept car by Ukrainian designer (photo)

Ukrainian designer Roman Pryadko showed his own vision of a premium Ukrainian car. For this purpose, he even created his own brand, Leleka. The brand’s logo and the first model in the Gran Turismo style were also developed.

Roman created the Leleka GTS Concept 2025 premium car as the first model of his own brand. This is a large Porsche Panamera-style liftback that has all the elements of modern cars: a sporty, elongated body silhouette, LED optics with an original “light signature,” a rear light bar, and huge stylish wheels. The logo was also drawn in detail and the brand font was developed.

Since the car has a radiator grille and a pair of exhaust pipes, we can assume that Leleka GTS is not an electric car. It is likely to have an internal combustion engine or a hybrid drive with an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. The designer has not yet presented any illustrations of the interior.

It is worth noting that Roman Pryadko shows only his own ideas about the possible design of Ukrainian cars, they have nothing to do with production at any plants.

Source auto.24tv
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