Ukrainian sappers demonstrate operation of Croatian robotic demining complex MV-10 BISON

Ukrainian engineers demonstrated the DOK-ING MV-10 robotic demining complex in action. This car was provided to Ukraine by Croatia.

Most likely, the demining process was recorded in Kherson region. To clear the territory of the region from dangerous mines and ammunition, two mechanized complexes MV-4-SCORPION and MV-10-BISON from the Croatian manufacturer DOK-ING began to be used six months ago.

Nowadays, when mines are also camouflaged by a layer of snow, such equipment is extremely important, as the robotic machine minimizes the risk to the lives of sappers.

DOK-ING MV-10 is a robotic demining system. The manufacturer claims that this is the most powerful system in the world in its category. The front of the complex is equipped with a chain tool that triggers anti-personnel and anti-tank mines. The complex also has a cultivator that performs secondary processing and maintains a constant loosening depth.

You can also use additional equipment, such as a roller, blade, and cleaning unit. The MV-10 is operated by a single operator using a remote control. The maximum depth of soil cleaning is 60 cm.

Source military courier
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