“Ukropchik” – a new Ukrainian kamikaze drone with impressive capabilities

Calheon, a volunteer-based company, is a drone manufacturer in Ukraine. From its humble beginnings as a group of enthusiasts, the company has grown into a professional team with more than ten employees, producing FPV drones of various sizes – 7, 8, 10, and 13 inches. These vehicles are equipped with advanced technical characteristics that meet the challenging conditions of the modern battlefield.

The company has recently expanded its operations to the international level by signing a memorandum of understanding on joint drone production in the European Union. The new product, called Ukropchyk (Cotton), is characterized by improved technical characteristics and resistance to electronic systems. These drones are not just technical tools, but also reliable helpers in the fight for sovereignty.

Thanks to the integration of machine vision, the new Ukropchik models can perform homing, significantly increasing the efficiency of the tasks. The company has also signed a number of agreements with local manufacturers to certify these drones as barrage munitions, which will allow it to supply a ready-to-use and certified drone with BC.

The Ukropchik drones already have the appropriate technical specifications, certificates and approval from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. This is not just a success of a commercial project, but a contribution to the common right to protect the country. “Calheon continues to evolve, demonstrating how technology can be an important frontline in ensuring national security.

Specifications of the Ukropchik FPV drone:

  • Sturdy carbon fiber frame with 6 mm carbon fiber stems;
  • Triple 3030 stack mount, designed for future use of the guidance computer and digital video transmitter;
  • Molded plastic parts for mounting the camera, GPS/recorder cover and cargo adapter;
  • The propeller disk is divided to accommodate larger loads up to 1.5 kg with the correct center of gravity;
  • Dual control by SubGHz, frequency bands 850-950MHz and 400-490MHz;
  • Other bands are available on request, including 600MHz and 700MHz bands;
  • Antenna of the spiroNET 5.5-6.0GHz video signal transmitter with a long cable of 140 mm;
  • Integration with MAVLINK and ATAK;
  • Optional GPS with integrated magnetometer and optional barometric altimeter;
  • Engines: 2814, 880kV;
  • Propellers: 8 inches, with 400 mm between the diagonal axes of the motors;
  • 30×30 F405 flight controller with Betaflight, iNav, Ardupilot and PX4 options;
  • ESC 30×30 60A with AM32 firmware;
  • Camera: 4:3, 1200TVL, 0.00001 Lux, FOV-D 125° (camera for night operations in low light);
  • Supported batteries: Flexible top plate allowing up to 6s4p 16800mAh Molicels for longer flights;
  • Electronics fully covered with conformal coating for wet weather operation;
  • Integrated standard bottom load adapter;
  • Frame weight: 350 g without electronics and motors, 1722 g total takeoff weight;
  • Flight time: up to 29 minutes without cargo;
  • Fully integrated with the Bavovna AI targeting system.

Effective flight range:

  • >30 km. without payload, LOS
  • >22 km with a payload of 1.5 kg, LOS
  • <20 km with a payload of 1.6 kg, LOS
Source building-tech
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