5 most criminal cities in Europe

The top most dangerous cities in Europe in 2024 include 2 French, 2 British, and 1 Italian city. This is evidenced by the updated rating of the Numbeo Global Database. Every year, the platform’s experts compile this list based on the Crime Index, which is calculated by analyzing and surveying citizens using special formulas. The main criteria include a sense of safety while walking day and night, concerns about robberies, car thefts, attacks by strangers, and discrimination based on skin color, nationality, religion, etc.

Why is Marseille dangerous?

The most dangerous city in the ranking is Marseille, France. This large port city has been considered a criminal capital for many years, and for good reason. The metropolis on the Mediterranean coast has become the country’s largest center of crime and poverty. The second most populous city in France has a high murder rate. There are many migrants here. Drugs are produced on an industrial scale. In the depressed northern neighborhoods, poverty, gang violence, and turf wars are rampant.

Why not go to Coventry, UK?

A city of hospitality, peace, innovation and culture. This is how Coventry is presented by the local authorities. However, the citizens do not feel very cozy at home. And all because the city is breaking records in terms of the number of criminal gangs and murders. In areas with high unemployment, it is difficult to earn an honest living, which pushes young men to the criminal path. Coventry’s cocaine market is estimated at billions of dollars, and there are fierce wars over its distribution.

Which neighborhoods should I avoid in Birmingham (UK)?

Birmingham is the second most populous city in the UK. Its unofficial name is Second City. There are many millionaires, scientists, and students here. And also criminals. At one time, the Oстрые kartuzy gang seized power to such an extent that it became a slang synonym for any street gang. Local residents do not recommend settling in such neighborhoods: Handsworth, Lozells, Ladywood, Balsall Heath, Streetly North. In almost every newscast, journalists report on murders, thefts, and stabbings. And in 2017, the British press called Birmingham the capital of jihadists.

What contributed to the crime rate of Italian Naples?

Located on the shores of the Gulf of Naples next to Mount Vesuvius, Naples fascinates with its unique architecture, culture and world-class history. However, not everything is as great as it seems at first glance. Neapolitans will not be surprised by the news of a robbery or the theft of a rented car. Naples became notorious for the Camorra, a world-famous criminal organization associated with the Italian mafia. Naples is located near the hot spots of Africa and the Middle East, and gangs use this to smuggle weapons. The Camorra in Naples has considerable political influence. It buys votes in elections and forces officials to act in their interests.

How did Montpellier (France) get its dubious reputation?

Thanks to its Mediterranean climate and favorable geographical location, Montpellier is a good place to live. But in recent years, the sense of security has deteriorated dramatically. According to media reports, the number of attacks, shootings, violence, and thefts has increased dramatically. No less than drug trafficking. As in all tourist cities, travelers are targets of thieves and scammers.


According to the Numbeo index, the top of the safest cities is headed by The Hague, Netherlands. Residents of Bern, Switzerland, and Munich, Germany, also walk the streets in peace. Residents of Trondheim, Norway, and Ljubljana, Slovenia, also feel secure.

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