A non-alcoholic alcohol for beer and champagne without a hangover has been created in the UK

The company has created non-alcoholic beer and sparkling wine that leave consumers drunk but don’t cause terrible consequences the next day.

The mixture activates a neurotransmitter in the brain called Gaba. This was reported by the Daily Mail.

SENTIA, an alcoholic beverage that mimics the effects of alcohol but does not contain it, was launched last year by GABA Labs in Hertfordshire, UK.

The beverage team, led by the government’s former drug czar, Professor David Nutt, has now announced plans to expand its 2024 product range to include non-alcoholic beer and sparkling wine.

While other soft drinks try to recreate the taste of a real drink, GABA Labs products contain a secret blend of botanicals that effectively trick the brain’s internal chemistry into thinking it’s drunk.

We have a number of products that we would like to bring to the market in 2024. Potentially a beer or several beers, as well as sparkling wine, which have performed very well in the limited testing we have done. There’s also potential for some ready-to-drink carbonated products, but it’s a pretty big opportunity,” said David Orren, co-founder of the company.

The products are already available in two flavors – red and black. It is recommended to serve them neat or mixed with soda or ginger ale.

The exact miracle ingredient that mimics alcohol is a closely guarded secret.


Source dailymail

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