A strong signal of support: Sweden allocates significant funds to Ukraine for defense

The Swedish government has unveiled a new largest military aid package for Ukraine worth 630 million euros, which will include amphibious assault boats.

This was reported by SVT.

It is noted that the new package, with a total value of SEK 7.1 billion, is the 15th that Sweden has sent to Ukraine.

According to the newspaper, Sweden will transfer to Ukraine.

  • 10 amphibious assault boats of the Stridsbåt 90 class,
  • 20 landing boats,
  • underwater weapons (mines and torpedoes),
  • anti-aircraft systems such as Robot 70,
  • anti-tank robots of the TOW model,
  • grenade launchers with ammunition,
  • artillery ammunition,
  • hand grenades,
  • Carl Gustav grenade launchers,
  • medical equipment and ambulances.

In addition, 1 billion kronor will be spent on the purchase of military equipment through various funds, and another 1 billion will be spent on ordering new Stridsfordon 90 combat vehicles for Ukraine.

At the same time, SEK 400 million will be allocated to various educational initiatives for Ukrainians.

According to Swedish Defense Minister Paul Jonsson, the new support package is specifically designed to meet Ukraine’s needs. He and Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Christensen are to officially announce the transfer of aid to Ukraine later.

Assistance to Ukraine from Sweden

In December 2023, it became known that Sweden had decided to allocate about €120 million to support the population of Ukraine in the winter.

In total, according to the Swedish government, since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion, the Scandinavian country has provided military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine worth 25 billion kronor (about €2.1 billion).

In particular, in October 2023, the 14th military aid package worth 2.2 billion kroons (currently about €195 million) was announced, which included artillery shells, spare parts, infantry equipment, communications equipment, and ammunition for infantry fighting vehicles. In November, the country’s authorities decided to provide Ukraine with an additional eight Archer self-propelled artillery systems.

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