Invisible to the enemy: “anti-thermal imaging” cloaks are being developed for the Ukrainian army

Ukraine is developing “anti-thermal imaging” equipment for the military that will mask their infrared radiation and hide them from enemy thermal imagers.

This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

The Central Department for Development and Support of Material Support is developing an “anti-thermal” poncho (cape). It is expected to absorb infrared radiation from the human body.

If successfully completed, this product will help the Ukrainian military remain invisible to enemy thermal imagers and night vision devices.

The report notes that the Central Office is currently testing five samples made of different fabrics.

Testing of “anti-thermal” ponchos at the Central Department of Development and Support of Material Support. Photo: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

“The specifics are that we need to create a material that absorbs infrared radiation and has low thermal conductivity. Our goal is to disguise our military and equipment from the enemy as reliably as possible,” noted Deputy Defense Minister Vitaliy Polovenko.

Polovenko noted that the materials used to make the fabric of the anti-thermal cape must be flexible and resistant to the environment: precipitation, not fade in the sun, and have camouflage properties on the ground.

Anti-thermal imaging equipment

The battlefield of the Russian-Ukrainian war is well saturated with thermal imagers. They are used in large numbers by infantrymen, reconnaissance drones and armored vehicles.

In the context of active use of this technology, the issue of camouflage against thermal imagers for the successful performance of combat missions is important.

Various multilayer materials are used to make such equipment, including polymers, microfibers, and fabrics with metal particles.

Military equipment designed to mask infrared radiation is already used by various armies around the world, such as Israel and the United States.

A camouflage suit with protection against detection by solid waste devices from the Israeli company Polaris Solutions.

Similar products are also manufactured for ground combat vehicles. In particular, we are talking about the Russian “Nakida” air defense system used on the Russian T-90M and the Swedish Saab Barracuda, which can be seen on some Ukrainian CV90 infantry fighting vehicles.

Source Military
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