Bitcoin updates two-year high, exceeding $64 thousand

On Monday, March 4, the value of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin reached a two-year high, breaking through $64 thousand and rising by 2%.

This was reported by Reuters.

It is noted that at the beginning of the Asian day, bitcoin reached $64,285, which is the highest since the end of 2021, and increased by 2% over the last session to $63,850.

The Bitcoin record is $68,999.99, set in November 2021.

The most expensive cryptocurrency in terms of market value has grown by 50% this year, and most of the growth has come in the last few weeks, when trading volume by US-registered bitcoin funds has increased dramatically.

In addition, another popular cryptocurrency, ether, has risen on speculation that it may soon have exchange-traded funds to stimulate inflows. Since the beginning of the year, it has grown by 50%, and today it costs $3,490.

By the end of February 27, bitcoin had risen to a record $57,000. Airtime exceeded the $3.2 thousand mark for the first time since 2022.

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