Ukraine’s military is already using French AASM Hammer bombs (video)

In January, we wrote that France would provide the Ukrainian Armed Forces with AASM Hammer precision-guided bombs. It looks like they are already in Ukraine.

A video showing the first use of air bombs appeared on the Internet. The video shows how Ukrainian troops are using AASM Hammer to destroy the positions of the Russian occupiers in Avdiivka.

The AASM Hammer is a French precision-guided bomb. It is manufactured by Safran Electronics & Defense. The bomb is available in various modifications. The basic version has a warhead of 250 kg, and the top version has a warhead of 1000 kg. It can fly up to 70 km. The AASM Hammer is launched from a variety of platforms, including the Mirage 2000D, Rafale, Tejas, F-16 and Mirage F1 aircraft. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are most likely to use bombs with Soviet Su-24 and MiG-29 aircraft.

Source gagadget
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