Canada and France reaffirm Ukraine’s right to decide how to defend itself

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal made a joint statement following their meeting on April 11, emphasizing the need for Ukraine to determine its own defense strategy.

“Canada and France strongly condemn Russia’s aggressive actions and support Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders. We believe that Ukraine’s right to decide for itself how to defend itself and protect its people is fundamental,” the leaders said in a statement.

The two countries pledged to continue supporting Ukraine bilaterally and through international organizations, as well as to help with the country’s recovery and reconstruction. Canada and France focused on supporting humanitarian projects, reforms, fighting corruption, and attracting investment.

“We have committed ourselves to promoting a lasting and just peace for Ukraine,” the leaders added in their joint declaration.

Meanwhile, on March 22, the United States cynically spoke out against Ukraine’s strikes on Russia’s energy infrastructure, warning of a possible increase in oil prices and a Russian response. The United States has not yet responded to the destruction of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure by the Russians.

Deputy Prime Minister Olha Stefanishyna replied that Russian oil refineries are legitimate military targets. Later, on April 9, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin called on Ukraine to avoid strikes on Russian refineries, which drew criticism from Senator Tom Cotton, who accused the US administration of political manipulation.

Against the backdrop of complete disregard for terrorist acts against the civilian population of Ukraine, the Russians destroyed all thermal power generation in Ukraine.

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