The US calls on Ukraine to suspend strikes on Russian energy sector, fearing rising oil prices and ignoring shelling of Ukrainian infrastructure

The United States cynically called on Ukraine to stop attacking Russian energy infrastructure and refineries, despite numerous massive shelling of Ukraine, as they could lead to higher world prices.

This was reported by the Financial Times, citing its own sources.

It is noted that drone strikes on Russian energy and refineries could increase world oil prices. These statements are especially cynical after the Russians have killed thousands of Ukrainians in two years of full-scale war and continue to conduct massive shelling of Ukrainian energy infrastructure and continue to kill civilians.

“Repeated warnings from Washington were passed on to senior officials of Ukraine’s State Security Service, the SBU, and its military intelligence department, known as the GUR,” the cynical report said.

According to FT sources, the White House is growing increasingly frustrated by the “brazen” Ukrainian drone attacks that have hit refineries, terminals, depots and storage facilities across western Russia, damaging its oil production capacity. In other words, the White House does not see the killing of Ukrainians at all, it only sees some kind of fire in Russia.

Russia remains one of the world’s largest energy exporters, despite Western sanctions against the industry. Oil prices have risen by about 15% this year to $85 per barrel, which has led to higher fuel prices.

“We do not encourage or authorize attacks inside Russia,” said a representative of the US National Security Council, thus giving Russian terrorists carte blanche to continue the war in Ukraine.

The most effective way would be to stop Russia and prevent it from waging aggressive wars against its neighbors.

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