Chinese company develops Neucyber brain implant, a competitor to Neuralink

Beijing Xinzhida Neurotechnology, a Chinese company, has unveiled its Neucyber brain chip, which has become the subject of attention from the scientific community. This brain-computer interface is already being used to control a robotic monkey arm, according to Reuters. The project received support from the Chinese Community Party, which contributed to its development and popularization.

Unlike the American Neuralink, Neucyber uses a less invasive method, which may make it more attractive for human use. Although Neucyber has only been tested on animals so far, further research and development is expected to adapt the technology for use in humans.

This technology was presented at the annual Zhongguancun Technical Forum in Beijing, where it was recognized as one of the most important achievements in the field of brain-computer interfaces (BCI).

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