DPRK is arming Russia: fragments of North Korean missiles found in Ukraine – Conflict Armament Research

The head of a research organization that has been tracking weapons used in attacks in Ukraine since 2018 tells the UN Security Council that it is “irrefutably” established that the remains of ballistic missiles found in Ukraine originated in North Korea.

Main theses:

  • North Korea may receive Russian technology to improve its nuclear weapons in exchange for military assistance.
  • Russia and North Korea violate the embargo on arms exports from the DPRK by shipping more than 11,000 containers of ammunition.
  • There are ongoing discussions about the possible consequences of increased contacts between Russia and North Korea.

Remains of DPRK missile found after Russian strike on Kharkiv

The United States and its Western allies clashed with Russia and North Korea at the meeting, saying both countries had violated a UN arms embargo on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Russia rejected the “baseless accusations,” and the DPRK dismissed the meeting as an “extremely brazen act” to discuss “someone’s alleged weapons transfer.”

Jonah Leff, executive director of Conflict Armament Research, provided the council with a detailed analysis of the remnants of the missile that hit Kharkiv on January 2.

According to him, the organization documented the rocket engine of the missile, its tail section and nearly 300 components manufactured by 26 companies from eight countries and territories, and determined that the missile was either a KN-23 or KN-24, manufactured in 2023 in the DPRK.

The organization came to the conclusion based on the missile’s unique characteristics – its diameter, distinctive jet blade actuators that direct the missile’s impetus and trajectory, the pattern around the igniter, the presence of Korean characters on some components of the missile, and other marks and components dating back years to 2023,” Leff said.

The U.S. representative emphasized that the independent findings of the Leff Research Organization confirm reports from open sources. He also said that in addition to dozens of missiles transferred to Russia by North Korea, it also illegally transferred more than 11,000 containers of ammunition.

Russia may provide DPRK with technologies to improve nuclear weapons

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell believes that North Korea may ask for technology to improve long-range missiles and nuclear weapons in exchange for military assistance from Russia.

Campbell recalled that Putin’s recent visit to the DPRK was the first for the Russian leader in more than 20 years and emphasized the partnership between Moscow and Pyongyang in the context of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

This partnership has its limits, but it cannot be ignored.

The deputy head of the US State Department noted that in recent months there has been a “dramatic increase in the level” of relations between Russia and North Korea, as a result of which Moscow has received a “substantial amount” of North Korean artillery shells and long-range missiles.

We believe that discussions are underway about what North Korea will get in return. This may be due to its plans to develop long-range missiles or nuclear weapons.

At the same time, according to the diplomat, China is “somewhat worried” about the increased contacts between Russia and North Korea.

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