LEGO uses meteorite dust to create unique building blocks

LEGO has released unique meteorite dust bricks that are already available in selected stores. This step is part of a joint initiative with the European Space Agency (ESA) aimed at using lunar dust for construction on the Moon.

These space bricks have become part of LEGO sets depicting astronauts and space stations. They are made of things found by astronauts in the space void. The big Lego store in Manhattan is displaying these unique bricks until September 20 this year.

This step shows how astronauts can use lunar material to build on the Moon, saving resources and energy that would normally be required to transport building materials from Earth.

To create the bricks, dust from a meteorite recycled at the ESA was used, which was then used to 3D print Lego model parts. These new bricks retain the traditional Lego look, but have a space gray color.

On the surface of the Moon there is a layer of rocks and minerals known as lunar regolith. This material is considered key to building on the lunar surface because it is readily available and found directly on the Moon. For a long time, scientists believed that regolith was needed to create the first extraterrestrial colonies. There are several promising methods for converting lunar regolith into building materials, which may include processing it for use in structures.

However, here on Earth, lunar regolith is rare and difficult to access, which limits the possibilities for experiments.

Source gagadget
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