Environmental activists storm Tesla factory near Berlin under the slogan “Let’s destroy capitalism” (video)

The so-called environmental activists are protesting against the expansion of Tesla’s only factory in Europe (Gigafactory), located near Berlin. They are demanding that the production of what they call “dirty cars” be stopped, and they have focused their actions under the StopTesla tag on social media. According to the German newspaper Bild, the protesters, who are called left-wing radicals, raise red flags and chant slogans about the destruction of capitalism.

The police initially controlled the situation, but activists broke through the fence and entered the plant, with the total number of protesters at around 800. Pepper spray was used on the spot, but the situation got out of hand.

The protests began on March 4, when tent cities appeared around the plant. The activists called on Brandenburg politicians to stop Elon Musk’s plans to expand the plant and preserve the adjacent forest areas. Recently, production was suspended for a week due to the arson of an electric pole on the plant’s premises, and left-wing activists claimed responsibility for this.

It is also noted that the production of electric vehicles can have major environmental consequences due to emissions and environmental impacts from the production and recharging of batteries.

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