EU plans significant changes to driver’s licenses

Brussels will change the rules for obtaining a driver’s license; the European Commission directive will be ready by the end of March. The first information has already appeared on the Internet.
Brussels is working on a new guide to obtaining a driver’s license; it is also planning to create a database to facilitate the exchange of information across the EU. A driver’s license can be revoked anywhere in the EU, regardless of the country in which the car is registered. Alcohol and drug levels will be standardized, and a system of fines and points will be introduced.

In the future, the EU hopes to introduce age-based speed limits. Young drivers will be allowed to drive at speeds below 90 km/h even on highways. New drivers may even be banned from driving at night. At the end of the probationary period, all new drivers will have to take another driving test.

The EU also plans to introduce a new B+ class driver’s license. The maximum weight for a regular category B driver’s license will be significantly reduced from 3,500 kg to 1,800 kg. Anyone wishing to drive heavier vehicles will need a B+ driver’s license in the future and must be at least 21 years old.

Source uamotors
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