Ukraine may receive air defense systems from Singapore

In 2013, Singapore placed an order for the supply of two SAMP/T systems, as well as 200 anti-aircraft missiles. Last week, they reached full combat readiness. Air defense systems with missiles cost Singapore 653 million EUR.

The first SAM was officially shown to the public in 2018. According to SIRPI, the Singapore Armed Forces received it in 2017. The Singaporean authorities did not comment on such a long period of time for the acquisition of hollow-point SAMs. It is possible that it is due to the Western approach to the definition of Full operating capability. It provides for both the ability to operate weapons and the possibility of their full maintenance. Another reason for the prolonged deployment of air defense systems in Singapore may be the slow production of Aster 30 anti-aircraft missiles.

For Ukraine, the news that the SAMP/T systems have reached full combat capability is positive because it means that the Singapore Armed Forces will decommission the MIM-23 Hawk systems. In total, they have four such complexes. It is likely that they will soon be in Ukraine.

Source prostomob
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