France has invented an analogue of the Javelin missile, which can be launched from a drone

At the Eurosatory 2022 exhibition in Paris, the French spoke about the development of the fifth-generation AKERON guided missile.

The novelty was presented by MBDA. AKERON is based on MHT and MMP missiles, which can be called an analogue of Javelin. It will be available in two versions.

The AKERON MP version will be used to run from a ground installation. The flight range will be 5 km. The second option is called AKERON LP (layout in the first photo above). This missile can fly up to 15 km. It is primarily focused on launching from helicopters, but MBDA says that this missile can be mounted on a drone.

The French army has already begun receiving the first copies of the AKERON MP. As for AKERON LP, it still exists only in the form of a layout.

Source defence24
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