Germany offers Ukraine equipment from its closed thermal power plants

Germany offered Ukraine to look at German closed energy facilities that have equipment that Ukraine might need.

This was stated by Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko, Ukrinform reports.

“We are working very closely with our Lithuanian friends. Our teams of experts in Lithuania are looking at what equipment at old thermal power plants can be used for restoration and repairs in Ukraine. It is not only Lithuania. Recently, Robert Habeck, the Vice Chancellor of Germany, visited us and suggested that we look at German closed facilities that can also be used,” said Galushchenko.

According to him, if we say today that Ukraine needs to order some equipment and manufacture it at the plant, we should understand that Ukraine will not receive it this winter.

“That’s why I am emphasizing with my colleagues and partners that we need to maximize what is available. It may be new, used, but even if it needs some repairs, we will do them so that it can work in the winter and increase (capacity – ed.) accordingly,” Galushchenko said.

The minister noted that assistance from Ukraine’s partners is constantly coming.

“The first is equipment, and the second is an energy fund to support Ukraine. There are already initiatives from various countries, including Denmark, to make additional contributions to this fund. There are also initiatives from other countries, and they will be announced soon. There are significant funds that will go to this fund to support Ukraine’s energy sector, and we will be able to use them immediately,” the head of the Ministry of Energy informed.

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