IDF strikes Gaza with SPICE-2000 smart bomb: what we know about it

Israel resumes hostilities against Hamas militants after the ceasefire breaks down. The Air Force used a SPICE-2000 guided bomb in Gaza.

This was reported by the Defense Blog.

SPICE or Smart, Precise Impact, Cost-Effective bomb is a development of the Israeli company Rafael. The system was the successor to the Popeye air-to-ground missile, which had an inertial guidance system to hit where there was no GPS signal.

Target hit in Gaza with a SPICE bomb

However, the new SPICE bomb has a number of features. The guidance system has become more comprehensive, with GPS and operator-assisted electro-optical guidance in addition to the inertial navigation system. SPICE is a kit for making an uncontrollable bomb controllable. Thanks to its high technology, SPICE can hit even a moving target. The range of the bomb with the kit is about 60 km.

There are 4 variants of the SPICE bomb:

  • SPICE 250 weighing 113 kg;
  • SPICE 1000 weighing 453 kg;
  • SPCICE 2000 weighing 907 kg;
  • SPICE 250 ER with extended range.

You can also enter up to 100 targets into the SPICE system before the flight to select one of them during the flight.

On December 5, the media reported that Hamas attacked an Israeli military base with nuclear weapons. The fire stopped about 300 meters from the nearest missile site.

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