Information fatigue: more than 50% of Ukrainians have reduced their news consumption

Rakuten Viber studied Ukrainians’ news reading habits and found out which sources they trust. More than 45 thousand users took part in the survey on the official Rakuten Viber Ukraine channel.

The results of the survey showed that 53% of Ukrainians have read much less news over the past year: 6% of them have stopped reading altogether. In addition, 10% of respondents have never followed the news. At the same time, one-third of respondents (31%) read the same as before, and another 6% read even more often.

The answers to the question “Have you started reading the news less over the past year (due to distrust, saturation, fatigue, etc.)?” were as follows:

  • Thus, he/she began to read much less – 47%;
  • I read as often as before – 31%;
  • Both before and now I do not follow the news at all – 10%;
  • No, I started reading the opposite more often – 6%;
  • Yes, 6% have stopped reading the news altogether.

The Rakuten Viber team also asked Ukrainians which news sources they trust. A similar survey was conducted among users last year, which makes it possible to compare the results of 2023 and 2024: the trends remained unchanged.

As before, official media and official channels of government agencies/officials are the most trusted, with 57% of respondents choosing them (63% in 2022). Trust in the channels of independent bloggers and experts has increased: 11% in 2024 vs. 5% in 2023. 9% of respondents rely on messages from family and friends (in 2023 – 10%), 2% – on informal groups and channels, as they are the most prompt and unbiased (in 2023 – 2%). Every fifth Ukrainian (21%) does not trust any of the sources (in 2023, 20% chose this option).

The answers to the question “Do you feel overwhelmed by this flow of information and how do you choose the sources you trust?” were distributed as follows:

I trust only the official media and official channels of state bodies / government officials – 57%;

  • I do not trust any of these sources – 21%;
  • I trust only the channels of independent bloggers and/or experts – 11%;
  • I trust only messages from family/friends – 9%;
  • I trust only unofficial groups and channels, as they are the most efficient and unbiased – 2%.

Note: Research methodology: anonymous online survey, n>45,000. The key age group is 34-45 years old, with more than 50% of respondents under 45.

Source igate

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